Flyover country refers to the part of the country where the "elite fail to meet". They sit in their comfy first class seats or in their Gulfstreams and fly from Left Coast to Right Coast and back again. They claim to know all about us in our suburban and Midwestern dreariness where we all lust after our neighbors' daughters because of the unavoidable ennui of our mundane lives. Give me a friggin' break! Hollywoodies and New Yorkers are so arrogant so to almost be funny. I hope here to point out the elite (Left and Right) bias against the heart of our great country. There's a cancer in our country -- and it's on our coasts.


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Yeah, the "cancer on the coasts" are what drive America buddy. If you added up the GDP of BosWash, the Pacific Coast (San Diego to Seattle), and Chicago you'd go through the roof. The coastal megapolises are the engines of our economy and culture. The heartland, south, and intermountain west do little outside of push their religion and values onto others, whilst trying to stunt science. Who the hell do they think they are?!

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