Imad Mughniyeh --a Hezbollah terrorist was killed today by a car bomb in Syria. This is the scumbag who planned the Beirut bombing that killed our Marines in 1982 among other acts. I would like tothink Delta or CIA did this -- either way or if someone else did -- Charles Martel would approve.


Free Mark Steyn!


Doctors seemed to have played a large part in the recently foiled UK terror bombings. Doctors have no monopoly on doing good and I'm sure there are plenty of doctors who are jerks, etc. Welcome to the human race. Usually doctors kill people accidentally or negligently howver. The Hippocratic Oath -- "First do no harm" -- and all that.

What do these doctors learn in Middle Eastern medical schools? 5 doctors were involved this plot that we know of so far. Salafist jihadism trumps a doctor's duty to not harm others I guess. How can folks still not see that this is a total war against a small but determined group out to kill as many of us as possible? Thank God they're medical doctors and not Ph.ds in nuclear physics.


Charles would round up these Muslim terrorists -- the ones planning to blow up the airplanes and would put their heads on pikes. OK. First he would go "Zounds! What's that flying beast!" Then he would scratch his head at what sort of witchcraft could make liquids explode, THEN he would kick their butts and do his part for Western Civ.

Or would he? Perhaps he would indict them for an "arrestable" and haul them before a magistrate.... Nah! He'd get medieval.


He still looks ready to kick some Hezbollah tail.


Flyover country refers to the part of the country where the "elite fail to meet". They sit in their comfy first class seats or in their Gulfstreams and fly from Left Coast to Right Coast and back again. They claim to know all about us in our suburban and Midwestern dreariness where we all lust after our neighbors' daughters because of the unavoidable ennui of our mundane lives. Give me a friggin' break! Hollywoodies and New Yorkers are so arrogant so to almost be funny. I hope here to point out the elite (Left and Right) bias against the heart of our great country. There's a cancer in our country -- and it's on our coasts.